Water Heater Repair & Installation

At Small Jobs Plumbing, Inc. we're well-versed in both gas and electric tank and tankless water heater repairs.

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Water Heater Replacement & Repair Services

We Fix Gas & Electric Water Heaters
If you’re like most home or business owners in or around Petaluma, CA, you rely on your water heater on a regular basis. When your water heater needs repairs, choosing the right plumbing contractor can make all the difference. At Small Jobs Plumbing, Inc, we’re well-versed in both gas and electric water heater repairs. When you call on us, we’ll take the time to diagnose the problem with your water heater and implement a reliable fix. And if we determine that your water heater is beyond repair or that it simply doesn’t pay to fix it, we’ll walk you through your options for finding a replacement.

Tankless Water Heater Installs for Your Home

Energy Efficient Water Heaters That Save You Money!
More and more people are choosing tankless water heaters over traditional water heaters these days, and for good reason. Tankless heaters are designed to provide hot water on demand, reducing standby energy losses that cost you money. In addition, tankless heaters typically last about twice as long as standard heaters. And some tankless heaters may qualify for tax rebates, saving you even more. If you’re in the market for tankless water heater installation in or around Petaluma, CA, call Small Jobs Plumbing, Inc to learn more about the options we offer.

Protect your Investment

Schedule Your Water Heater Maintenance Service Today
Remember, water heaters don’t come cheap, so when yours needs to be serviced, it’s best to call in a seasoned professional. To schedule an estimate or appointment for dependable water heater repair work, call Small Jobs Plumbing, Inc today.

When you hire Small Jobs Plumbing, our plumber will work to keep you satisfied and to make your experience as stress-free as possible. Call our office in Petaluma, CA, to schedule a time in which we can see what your job will entail.

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