What to Look for in a Drain Cleaning Service Provider

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January 9, 2023

What to Look for in a Drain Cleaning Service Provider

Your drains remove wastewater from your property. Over time, they can become clogged with dirt and debris. Clogged drains are a recipe for disaster. Your home or business’s drain system’s sole purpose is to remove wastewater from your home effectively. When clogged and unable to do so, nondraining systems produce backed-up lines and headaches.

If you ignore clogged drains, they can cause irreversible damage to your plumbing and home’s foundation. Before things go south, hire a drain cleaning service in Petaluma to deep clean your drains. A drain cleaning expert’s searching eye never misses a detail; they use tried and tested techniques and advanced drain cleaning equipment to remove the tiniest dirt particles.

Finding a local plumber that is right for the job can be difficult. As Petaluma’s trusted drain cleaning experts, we know that it is essential to hire the right people for your plumbing needs.

Our team of experts at Small Jobs Plumbing, Inc. has compiled a few things to look for when hiring a drain cleaning service provider to ensure you hire a team of trusted professionals to service your home or business.


Ensure the drain cleaning service you are considering is certified to carry out drain cleaning. Certified experts are worth their salt. They know the right way to clean drains. In addition, accredited services follow drain cleaning best practices and take various measures to prevent damage to drains when cleaning them.

A certified, environmentally responsible drain cleaning expert avoids harsh drain cleaners that produce toxic fumes. Certified services are legally accountable to their customers for any problems that may arise due to their work.


Drain cleaning is not as easy and straightforward as it looks. So, when the temptation to save money by cleaning your own drains gets too hard to resist, remind yourself that you’re not a subject matter expert.

Instead of taking the DIY route, hire the area’s experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of drain cleaning. A skilled drain cleaning expert knows all there is to know about drains – how they work and what role each part plays. They have the expertise to come up with customized drain-cleaning solutions.


There are several ways to assess a drain cleaning expert’s reputation. Talk to the references provided by them. Ask them the following questions:

  • What was your experience working with the professional?
  •  Did the professional clean up the job site after completing the job?
  •  Are you satisfied with the result?

Do online research to find information on the drain cleaning service you are considering. Visit their profiles on social media websites to see what people are talking about them. Read customer reviews posted to reliable third-party review sites.


Get and compare estimates by at least three drain cleaning services. When comparing quotes, take the time to understand each cost element. Find out if any other costs are involved than those mentioned in the estimates.

Small Jobs Plumbing, Inc. is the leading plumbing contractor serving Petaluma. No matter your plumbing nightmare’s seriousness, you can count on us to devise a solution. To make an appointment, call 707-908-8003.

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